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Coming Soon….       The Return of the SSC Stylus.

(New Website Under Construction)

Stylus Classic                                                       Stylus RT


Ken Bush ~ Rover V8   (IVA Pass 2011)                                         Chris Hill ~ Duratec V6


Proven and respected Sports Car design from Sylva’s Jeremy Philips….

Excellent handling and road holding….

Choice of 60s Retro and modern RT body styles….

Both with a useable boot & proper weather protection....

Comfortable Tourer or Aeroscreen Missile….

Road or Track….

Robert Farley ~ Dunnell Zetec

ACSMC Sprint Class Champion,      Road Going 2004,   Sports Libre 2008, 2010, 2011, & 2013


Available Winter 2014….

Components to complete previously supplied SCC kits….

Replacement parts for existing cars….

            Tell us what else you need ! ....


In 2015….

New Build factory Demo Car….

New Chassis and Bodywork kits available….

Basic or Comprehensive, to suit all budgets…. 

Factory Built Rolling Chassis…. 

Updated donor mechanicals….

Bespoke Engine & Gearbox customisation

(4cyl & V6 recommended)



If any of that sparks your interest, do get in touch !




Matt Downes, Proprietor    August 2014

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